At Dream Home Inspections, we perform commercial inspections on a wide-range of buildings. Our rigorously trained experts have over 20 years of collective experience under their belts. When you enlist our services, you will benefit from our in-depth knowledge of construction flaws and building irregularities. We will offer you the information you require in order to make informed decisions when purchasing, leasing or selling a commercial building.  We specialize in the inspection of commercial properties ranging from multi-family buildings, schools and malls to high rises, warehouses and medical buildings. In most cases, we deliver our report within 24 hours of our inspection. Our team is solution-oriented and would be proud to offer you upkeep suggestions that will prolong the life of your commercial property.

We are a experienced firm and inspect commercial properties throughout Georgia.  We offer the following commercial inspector services:

Office Buildings | Warehouses | Restaurants | Industrial Properties and Factories of all types | Multi-family Buildings and Apartment Complexes | Retail Stores | Shopping Centers | Hospitals and Medical Properties | Hotels | Dry Cleaners | Gas Stations

Commercial buildings are large and complex, and require special skills and knowledge from an inspector. Our inspection company will connect you, the investor, with an inspector who has the specialized training and experience required to fulfill due diligence, and to enhance your position in negotiations. Property condition assessments are offered on office buildings, churches, daycares, restaurants, industrial buildings, apartment buildings, warehouses.



A lessee may assume the responsibilities for maintenance, repairs, and equipment replacement from the building owner. In these cases, a pre-lease building inspection is essential for the lessee to identify current and future commitments. A pre-lease inspection also documents conditions as protection from claims by the landlord that the lessee damaged or failed to maintain the building. A post-lease building inspection aids the building owner in ensuring that lessees fulfilled their obligations in maintaining and protecting the building and its components.


A lease inspection can have many advantages for the Lessee and/or the Lessor.


Some advantages of a third-party pre-lease inspection for the Lessee include:

  • Verification that components are functioning and suitable for intended use.

  • Knowing the condition of the property and its components prior to occupancy could protect Lessee from assuming liability associated with existing defects or premature failure of components.

  • Understanding long-term maintenance requirements and related costs can be useful for budgeting purposes in NNN leases.


Some advantages of a third-party pre-lease Inspection for the Lessor:

  • Establishing a baseline condition for the property prior to leasing may help owners recover costs for damages incurred during occupancy.

  • Property condition assessment can help owners understand and set/monitor maintenance guidelines expected of tenant in NNN lease.



When environmental and other conditions are favorable, a thermal imaging camera may be used as a diagnostic tool during a building inspection. Infrared thermography is a powerful, noninvasive technology that aids a trained inspector in diagnosing the condition of a building. An infrared camera can identify thermal patterns that are often associated with moisture intrusion. Abnormal heat patterns can also indicate improperly functioning electrical components or energy loss due to missing or damaged insulation. A full infrared survey of a building is available as well.

"We specialize in the inspection of commercial properties ranging from multi-family buildings, schools and malls to high rises, warehouses and medical buildings. "


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Dream Home Inspections is a proud member of the International Code Council and International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. 

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